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Prepare for Departure

Owners of safari lodges continually tell us that our clients are the best prepared of their guests. We devote enormous attention to providing reliable up to date advice and happily answer the many questions you will have before you set off on your African holiday. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. You’ll get the answers - and much more - when you book your holiday!

What is your advice on tipping?

What is your advice about medical precautions for my safari to Western Tanzania?

What clothing should I pack for a Botswana safari in February?

Can the camps in my Zambia itinerary cope with my son’s gluten free diet?

Can I recharge my video camera batteries?

Am I likely to see whales off Northern Mozambique in August? Is it possible to take gifts for local schools?

What currency should I take and how much for my three week holiday to South Africa and Namibia?

Will my sleep apnea machine work on my Malawi safari?

Can the safari camps on my Kenya holiday power my hairdryer?

Will my mobile phone work in the Serengeti?

What baggage allowance do I have on small planes?

Do the camps on my itinerary take credit cards?

Is the water safe to drink?

And many more… A few reasons for entrusting the organisation of your holiday to Africa Exclusive.

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