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Most of our clients travel either as a couple, or perhaps with a few good friends. You may be in your middle years or older, with the health, freedom and funds to explore the world. We will design your African holiday to exactly match your interests, the pace you want to travel and your preferred degree of comfort and activity.

You may not know much about Africa – call us anyway and tell us about yourselves, what you enjoy doing, dreams of Africa you’d like to fulfil. The essence of these holidays is that they take you to beautiful remote parts of Africa where you can enjoy the wildlife, landscapes and culture with expert guides far from the crowds. Designed for couples and groups, we encourage you to be a little active, as easy paced walks, boats, open vehicles, even canoes all give you a different perspective. The accommodation in lodges or huge luxury tents is always very comfortable, en suite of course. The food is miraculously good and you can expect most of the fellow guests to be other couples, people you’ll have something in common with. If you’re anxious to stay away from other people’s children, let us know! We do arrange some fabulous family safaris though of course these are usually during school holiday months (Easter, August and Christmas) so you could avoid those times. Many camps and lodges have a minimum age limit and families usually have their own private safari vehicles. Please take your time to explore our website then do contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

Africa is waiting, Start your journey today by talking to us…
01604 628979
Africa is waiting,
start your journey by
talking to us today…
01604 628979

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