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On an Africa Exclusive safari you will keep asking yourself “Can I really be here, surrounded by such beauty and nature’s wonders?” The sensitive professionalism of your guide means that the animals seem unaware of your presence, an “invisible” visitor to strange and wonderful places. There is the exhilarating sense that without your guide and the tiny oasis of civilisation that is your camp you would be some big cat’s breakfast. As it is you are completely safe and your guide can reveal the wonders of the African wilderness.

Gone are the days when safaris were only done in minibuses. We select smaller, exclusive camps which have the best guides, so that you can enjoy your safaris in open vehicles, on foot, on the water, on horseback, from hides, even by micro light. Each type of activity brings a new perspective, and while a 4 wheel drive vehicle is the best way to explore the area, see the big herds and track the cats, a slow two hour walk through the bush can be a revelation and for many it is their favourite. You discover that the smaller things, like a million termites in a six foot “air conditioned” termite mound are every bit as fascinating as a great herd of buffalo. Someone has said that if a game drive is watching the film, a bush walk is like being taken behind the film set.

The immense waterways like the Great Rufiji in Tanzania, the Zambezi and the Okavango Delta are like magnets attracting abundant birds and wildlife, and at sunset a boat or a canoe provides another privileged vantage point to view elephant, giraffe and antelope drinking at the water’s edge as brilliant coloured kingfishers and imperious fish eagles watch for their opportunity to dive in for their dinner. You can compete with them if you like with a rod and most camps by the water have a canny fishing guide. None of these activities is strenuous and each morning and afternoon you can choose how you would like to go on safari.

Experienced riders can enjoy the thrill of cantering alongside a family of giraffe, Richard Roberts will pilot you on a light plane safari over the Mara plains or you can do it more silently in a balloon. At Savuti Camp you can sit yards from massive elephant in the safety of a hide, and many people enjoy wonderful sightings just sitting on the veranda of their lodge with a glass of something cool in their hands.

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