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Truly vast areas of prime wildlife country have been set aside as private reserves some covering hundreds of square miles. The essence of a trip here is that you can enjoy luxury combined with a real wilderness experience in privacy and high comfort. With a tiny population of people, the animals and birds have the lion’s share of the country to themselves.

Botswana Safari Holidays

A quirk of geology causes the great Okavango River to run inland, finishing its course in the centre of the desert creating an enormous green fertile oasis called the Okavango Delta.  Swaying palm trees, oceans of rich grassland and abundant pure water create a paradise for millions of animals.  You can explore the Okavango Delta from your exclusive camp with expert guides by open vehicle and on short fascinating walks. On a Botswana safari you can glide silently along breathtakingly beautiful waterways in a mokoro canoe or take a lazy boat cruise as the sun sets and flocks of birds come home.


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Northern Botswana

Malachite Kingfisher in BotswanaFurther north the Savuti Channel, the Selinda Spillway and Linyanti Delta are all drier open savannah plains, semi desert and woodland where mighty herds of elephant roam, gathering in herds hundreds strong in the dry season from August to November.  An adventure here gives you an excellent chance to see predators, from dominant lion to wild dog which can be seen racing across the plains in pursuit of antelope. Add to this the full range of buffalo, giraffe, zebra, plains game and dozens of other mammal species, with over 400 species of birds and you have one of Africa’s most alluring destinations.

The Botswana authorities pursue an enlightened policy of creating huge private reserves for tiny numbers of tourists. So you and a dozen others may find yourselves with 600 square miles of big game country all to yourselves, returning from a thrilling day to a tented “palace” and a fabulous dinner after which to be lulled to sleep by the grunting of a hippopotamus.  

Botswana Safari Seasons

Baboon in BotswanaIt has a wide variety of landscapes – vast savannah plains, arid deserts and enormous glittering water deltas.  The progressing seasons influence each of these diverse areas in different ways, so planning the ideal time to visit this destination requires sound advice and careful planning – be sure to call us at an early stage.

You can enjoy a marvellous trip here at any time of year; it’s a country with huge numbers and a particularly wide variety of animals – more elephant than any other, lots of cats and abundant birdlife. At times the landscape can change before your eyes, as the annual Okavango “flood” advances through May and June, or as a summer thundershower causes desert flowers to spring to life. December to March draws over a hundred migrant birds to the Okavango Delta, while the dry last six months of the year see plains game and elephants gathering in phenomenal numbers on the savannah plains of Savuti, Selinda and Linyanti.  

The price of a Botswana safari is also seasonal – at its least expensive from December to March, and with peak prices at most camps from July to October. So a combination of an adventure here and a week in the Cape can be ideal in the first few months of the year.

Useful Information

elephant with babyThere are no direct flights from Europe and North America into Botswana so you will probably fly via Johannesburg overnight and connect with the daily 10am two hour flight to Maun on the edge of the Okavango. From there light aircraft operate like aerial taxicabs taking you conveniently and scenically to a tiny airstrip close to your camp. Most European and US citizens do not require a visa, and you should consult your medical doctor about vaccinations and protection from malaria.

Most of the country is uninhabited and given over to wildlife and the Government wisely pursues a policy of discouraging mass tourism. This protects the environment and means that you can enjoy a wonderfully private experience from remote luxurious camps. Because many are located on private reserves a wide variety of game viewing activities are possible, from open vehicles to horseback, boats, canoes, quad bikes and fascinating walking activities. Magnificent Victoria Falls and Cape Town are a short flight away, so these places can easily be combined with your Botswana safari.   


"The quantity and variety of wildlife we saw in Botswana is unbelievable. For example, on the day we arrived we went on an evening drive to a nearby waterhole and saw there a herd of elephants and giraffes and kudu and zebras and springbok and two jackals. Then a male and female lion strolled down to the waterhole with the magnificent lion giving an occasional roar to show who was boss."

Bryan Bates, UK

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Ultimate Privacy

All the camps we use for Botswana safaris are small, private and situated on vast private concessions. This means you’ll see very few other people during your holiday and have the wildlife, plains, water ways and lagoons all to yourselves! This makes Botswana the most exclusive safari destination. 

Unique Accommodation

Botswana's camps are simply superb; the spacious tented rooms delicately combine the atmosphere of authentic old-style safaris with elegance and luxury. So you’ll still be under canvas, just like the very first explorers, but you’ll have also comfortable bed, a hot shower and a huge bathtub, all topped off with elegant décor. 

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is an incredibly beautiful maze of intertwined waterways and shimmering lagoons, just waiting to be explored. The delta is a magnificent sight and a haven for literally millions of animals and birds. You can explore the delta’s winding waterways by traditional mokoro canoe and take game drives through the animal packed plains. Beyond the Okavango Delta are vast savannah plains with thousands of elephants and great herds of plains game and big cats.

Year Round Destination

The sparkling lagoons and channels of Botswana’s Okavango Delta are a permanent water source for the area’s animals, meaning they don’t have to move elsewhere to quench their thirst! As the delta’s wildlife is a permanent fixture, you can visit at any time of year and still have a fantastic trip filled with wonderful sightings. Other regions of Botswana spring to life after their rainy season, so there’s always somewhere to visit, whenever you’d like to travel! 

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Our Favourite Botswana Highlights

These are just a few experiences you can enjoy on your Botswana safari. Contact us now to plan your perfect adventure.


A Few of Our Favourites

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One night we had sundowners next to a small pond but parked on 'hippo highway'. Those hippos who had been on the other side of the pond when we arrived moved closer and closer and started opening their jaws, until we left. All in all, we felt extremely privileged on the whole trip.

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