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Back 15 / 05 / 2013

Clover Arrives in Uganda

Do you remember the Send a Cow competition we told you about last year? Entrants had to think of their own cow name and the winning entry would be the name given to the first cow sent to Africa in 2013. As well as naming a cow, the winner would also receive a fibreglass cow, decorated however they wished, for their local school, playground, business or even their home!

So what’s the new cow called? Winner, Rachael Donavon, named the cow Clover and she has recently arrived at her new family’s farm in Uganda. Owner of the farm, Christine, spoke of her excitement before Clover’s arrival.

“I could not sleep at all, not even for one hour, the night before the cow was to come. I was so excited. All the night I was wondering if the cow would really come. When I woke up I was jumping around, so happy. I already had the food ready for the cow, I was the first to feed her. I did not sleep that night either, I was so happy she was here.”

Christine hopes to get biogas from cow manure as she feels she’s too old to keep collecting firewood. She also spoke about the help she’s received from Send a Cow.

“Send a Cow has helped me so much, taught me so many things. I especially appreciate knowing how to make the vegetable gardens and the vet services.

“I have already noticed the difference in my grandchildren. They look so much healthier than my neighbours’ children. They really don’t get sick often now. If they do get a cold it clears so quickly. It’s because they’re eating so much fruit. Send a Cow really emphasised this, how the children need the fruit. The neighbours’ children love to visit us here, because they know they can take fruit.”

We can’t wait for more updates from Christine and her family!

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