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On the banks of the River Nile are the world’s finest ancient temples, tombs and palaces, wonderfully preserved in the utterly dry climate.  Karnak Temple in Luxor is half a mile long with enormous statues of pharaohs, immense temple chambers and its 134 columns each measuring 200 feet high.  Standing there dwarfed by 5,000 year old architecture you can let your imagination run and almost hear the priests chanting incantations and see Ramses III making his way in splendour through the temple courts.

All the more important is that you are not being jostled by coach loads of tourists or struggling to hear your guide at the back of a yellow hat tour group.  This is why Africa Exclusive always arranges a private guide for you so you can visit each place at the quietest times, stay as long as you like, and enjoy his undivided attention.  The less busy places are often the most interesting, such as the richly decorated tombs of the artisans, who decorated the Pharaohs’ tombs and treated each other to richly illustrated tombs.  The Dharshur pyramids receive a tiny fraction of the tourists, who visit the more famous Giza pyramids, yet they are beautiful and you can even descend bent double down a shaft into the cavernous triangular tomb inside – an awe inspiring experience.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Nile and visit magnificent temples is by cruise boat.  Again, most of them cram as many people as possible on board, so Africa Exclusive only uses four of the finest, like the Alexander the Great with spacious all suite accommodation, which has a magnificent restaurant and even a gym and spa to enjoy as you cruise in high style from Aswan to Luxor on one of the world’s great rivers.  When you arrive in Luxor don’t rush, but relax for a few days at the Al Moudira Boutique Hotel with its delicious cuisine and magnificent pool.  In Cairo, stay at the Mena Palace where the suites have views of the Great Pyramid so close you feel you could almost touch it.

If you’d like to relax and try some world class scuba diving you can hop over to the Red Sea, or if you fancy a quiet few days by the Mediterranean take a first class train ride down to Alexandria.  Egypt is one of those places that you simply have to see.  When you do, make sure you see it in privacy and style so call us now to plan your step back in time to the Land of the Pharaohs.

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