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Where do you start?  Which country or combination of countries will provide your perfect African safari holiday?  Africa is a vast complex continent, so the simple answer is to CALL US at the earliest stage.  We’ll listen carefully and use our 23 years’ experience to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

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African Safari

You can enjoy a superb African safari in any of these countries.  Yet each has its distinctive scenery, wildlife, culture and range of activities.  Each has particular migration and weather patterns so our expert advice is vital to ensure that you make the right choice of country for the time of year you wish to travel.  Some countries work well in combination to give you even more variety or the possibility of combining a beach stay with your safari.

If you want to take a family safari certain countries are best suited to children of particular ages.  We have enormous expertise in arranging safaris for families of all shapes and sizes.  If, on the other hand children are the last creatures you want to encounter on your safari we’ll arrange for you to visit places and travel at times when they are more scarce than a pink rhinoceros.  We also arrange safaris for people travelling alone and those who have a special interest such as photography, riding and desert adapted wildlife.

Our safari holidays are tailormade to suit you perfectly and in a complex continent each day runs like clockwork.  Our passion for Africa inspires all we do and we hope that by the time you return from the holiday of a lifetime you too will have fallen in love with Africa and it’s amazing wildlife.  

So, with the world to choose from, why should you consider an African safari as your next holiday?

lion bring down wildebeest10You can find beaches, cities, culture and scenic beauty on any continent, but only on an African safari can you encounter spectacular wildlife on a gigantic scale. There may be polar bears in the Arctic, unique reptiles in Galapagos and kangaroos in Australia, but they are nothing compared to two million wildebeest migrating across the Mara, prides of lion hunting antelope and mighty herds of elephant roaming the savannah.

The idea of bumping about in a crowded minibus may not appeal to you. Nor does it to us and you’ll go nowhere near one on an African safari organised by Africa Exclusive. Instead you will explore vast private reserves by open vehicle with an expert guide, encountering almost no-one else. You can track rhinoceros on foot, float over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon, take a lazy canoe ride on the Okavango Delta, and canter alongside giraffe on horseback. Because all our safaris are tailormade we will design yours to exactly suit your interests and fulfil your dreams.

You will be amazed at the quality of the accommodation. Even a safari “tent” is often palatial, with en suite bathroom, king size bed, furniture and a view to die for. And no matter how demanding your requirements we can find a luxurious safari lodge to exceed your expectations with world class cuisine to match. Take a look at our accommodation pages!

Relax in Luxury on an African Safari

Sand Rivers Selous view from lodgeAn African safari can also be supremely relaxing. Yes there are early starts, but when you return from your enthralling morning boat ride down the Zambezi you find a delicious breakfast and the day is yours to relax and drink in the views, take a spa treatment, a dip in the infinity pool, read a book on your private deck with binoculars at the ready and a chilled drink. Your luxury safari lodge will usually only take 16 guests and will be surrounded by miles of unspoilt landscape.

Most of our clients blend their African safari with an island hideaway such as exotic Zanzibar, the Seychelles or one of the exclusive “desert islands” off Mozambique for diving, deep sea fishing and soaking up the sun in privacy. Cape Town has all you would expect from one of the world’s great cities and many of the finest golf courses in the southern hemisphere.

Africa is a unique, almost untouched continent – a place of vast open spaces, huge skies and incredible wildlife. An African safari enables you to step into this wild world and enjoy a superbly organised adventure of a lifetime in comfort.

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Lilac breasted roller Manzi“The camps were more than we expected and the wildlife viewing was so abundant and intimate that we could not have had a better experience. I was within a metre of a lioness, and within 5 metres of leopard and cheetah. We saw elephant feeding in two metres of water and collected reed frogs as the sun was setting on a lagoon. We saw week old young in a hyena clan on the edge of marsh that stretched to the horizon and enjoyed a sundowner as the sunset over the river. Hand massages under a canopy of sausage trees and rode elephants through a herd of impala in a dry and treeless grassland. We had elephant and hippo wake us in the mornings and monkeys trying to steal our morning toast. We ate too much, drank too much, laughed a lot, marvelled at everything and took 2500 photos.  Thanks it could not have been better.”

The Manzi Family

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