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Fine Dining

Passionate about great food.Africa’s safari chefs perform miracles to delight your palate.

It’s a tradition among the best safari camps that you can enjoy outstanding food in the wildest locations.  Sizzling breakfasts, scenic sundowners and romantic dinners are essential ingredients of an unforgettable safari.

Gourmet Safari Cuisine

Enjoying great food is an integral part of an Africa Exclusive safari.  The best safari camps have a knack of attracting inspired chefs who relish the challenge of creating amazing cuisine deep in the wilds.  Men like Evans Nyasimera who honed his skills in the kitchens of Nairobi’s five star hotels now delights the lucky guests at remote Saruni Samburu lodge with his creations. The light aircraft bringing you to your lodge will also carry the freshest meats, eggs and decent wines.  Many lodges have lovingly tended herb and vegetable gardens.

In the kitchen the head chef and a dedicated team work all day baking fresh breads, preparing delicious salads, baking cakes and inventing canapes for sundowners.   The highlight of the day is dinner accompanied by a choice of wines, perhaps served convivially around a flaming boma in starlight, or more intimately on the deck of your lodge.

Breakfast at Sunrise

We love to spring delicious surprises – like finding a table set for breakfast in a beautiful spot part way through your morning game drive.

A joyous team will be there with warm fresh bread, fresh fruits, steaming coffee and all that’s needed to cook a sizzling breakfast. Pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, sit back and drink in a priceless experience surrounded by the timeless landscape.  


As the sun dips to the horizon your safari vehicle stops in an idyllic place, preferably in sight of curious creatures. The guide steps down, unfolds the table, sets it with a crisp white cloth, passes the canapes and asks your choice of drinks.

As you enjoy your sundowner watch the elephants splashing themselves down and watch a flight of egrets pass low over the river as the western sky runs its incandescent repertoire. Life is good!


A Country House Restaurant

If you round off your safari with time in the Cape we’ll help you enjoy one of the world’s great culinary regions. Cape Town, the winelands and the Garden Route are full of delightful restaurants and country house hotels with a rich tradition of excellent cuisine.

Superb meat and a climate that is perfect for producing delicious fruits and vegetables, not to mention a centuries old viticulture create an environment  where eminent chefs strive to outdo each other in culinary creativity.  That all this is in beautiful surroundings in an atmosphere of warm friendly hospitality and purchased at a great exchange rate makes the experience all the more enjoyable.  

Talk to us about the perfect combination of country house hotels for your holiday in the Cape.

Africa is waiting, Start your journey today by talking to us…
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Africa is waiting,
start your journey by
talking to us today…
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