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Five Unusual Things to do in Kenya

It’s safe to say that Kenya is one of Africa’s best countries to visit if you want a really traditional, authentic safari experience. Did you know there’s actually a lot to do besides safaris? We’ve listed our five favourite things you probably didn’t know you could do in Kenya below:

Sleep Under the Stars

At Loisaba Lodge, House and Cottage you’ll have the unique opportunity of spending the night under the African skies. There are two sets of star beds, Kiboko and Koija, both in different, equally wild locations. Kiboko star beds overlook a waterhole of the same name and are set in a kopje of rocks. The Koija star beds, however, are on a deck above a flowing river! You can reach the beds on foot, horse or by vehicle. Once you’re there your guide and team of warriors will prepare a delicious traditional barbecue before you sleep under the starts for the night!

Visit an Elephant Orphanage

Part of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Orphans’ Project cares for orphaned elephants (and a few rhinos) whose mothers have died and who wouldn’t survive in the wild alone. You can visit the orphanage in Nairobi and see the keeps exercise and feed the young elephants. There’s also an opportunity to foster an elephant which means you’ll be able to go back later on for a special session, just for foster parents. You’ll be able to go behind the scenes and see a lot more of the orphanage, as well as watching the charming interactions between elephant and keeper. Foster parents receive an adoption certificate and lots of information on their elephant as well as regular updates and photos via email. Rhino calves can be adopted too!

Dine with Giraffes

At Giraffe Manor, 20 miles from the centre of Nairobi, you can eat your breakfast in the company of some beautiful giraffe! Our very own safari coordinator, Angie Sumnall, (pictured) has been lucky enough to do just that on one of her safaris. The resident giraffe have been bred on manor’s grounds since five babies were relocated there back in the 70s. You can feed these stunning creatures from the windows of the second floor bedrooms and even from the breakfast table!

Walk with Camels

At Sabuk Lodge a guided camel safaris is a speciality. Spend either a full or half day on a dromedary (single humped) camel exploring the bush. You’ll be guided the entire way by local guides who will share their incredible knowledge of the bush with you. This one is a great choice for families.

Fly in a Waco Biplane

Fly the wilds of Kenya in Waco biplane at Lewa Wildernress Trails! You’ll sit with the pilot, Will Craig, as he takes you right above the treetops to see some of Kenya’s wilderness from a fantastic new perspective. You’ll be able to see forests, herds and ravines that are otherwise inaccessible for a truly unforgettable experience.

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