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Guiding Q&A with Braston Daka

It’s another Zambia guide this week! We spoke to Braston Daka, a guide with Robin Pope Safaris, and learnt all about his best sighting, guiding advice and why he chose guiding.

How and why did you become a guide?

I became a guide due to an absolute love of nature and the bush.  After completing school I spent time teaching people in the village about nature and how to conserve it.  From there I looked for work with a Safari operator and started studying for my guides exams.

Is there anything that you are particularly interested in?


What has been your best sighting to date?

It has to be when I was out and heard lots of noise, which we followed and found a leopard attacking a baby hippo.

Do you prefer to take walking or driving safaris?

I prefer walking as I feel it brings you closer to nature.

If you could go to any country and see any animal what would you choose?

I would choose either Namibia or Tanzania as the landscape is so different as are the animal species but also how they have changed to best suit their environment.

What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to become a guide?

That they need to have a genuine interest in the bush, work extra hard to get the opportunity to become a guide, and to be polite and nice to people as well as to understand the difficulties of the safari industry.

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