"If you do nothing else at Victoria Falls - do this!"

When Chris and Stella called us to arrange a special anniversary safari for August we designed it with a Zambezi theme. First they spent an unforgettable time at Chiawa Camp. In August Chiawa is besieged by elephants which wander right through the camp to wallow and play in the refreshing Zambezi. Expert guides take you on exciting safaris on foot, by canoe and open vehicle making this one of the best places in Africa at that time of year.

They then flew across to Victoria Falls mixing relaxation at a superb peaceful river lodge with exciting adventures involving lions, elephants and a big “bird”. Chris takes up the story…..

Walking with Lions

A truly unforgettable and unique experience that helps fund the reintroduction of lions across Africa. It's amazing how similar their mannerisms are to a household cat, just on a larger scale. There is nothing quite like a lion weaving between your legs to connect you to this amazing continent. If you do nothing else at Victoria Falls - do this (in the evening as lions are nocturnal).

Riding the Elephants

A fabulous and gentle way to spend some time getting to know these giant perambulators of Africa whilst at Victoria Falls. These rescued elephants only provide rides twice a day and are trained through positive reinforcement - you get to help in this by feeding them treats after the ride! Truly the definition of gentle giants. Part of your money also goes to the anti poaching efforts across Zambia. Don't expect to see much game from the elephant as this experience is really all about the pachyderm itself.


Surprisingly a lot less scary and a lot more secure than you would expect. The microlight fly's lower than the helicopter ride and you are guaranteed a window seat! The 15 minute flight is long enough to see the falls but take the 30 minute trip to truly experience the microlight itself and view crocodiles, elephants and other game from the air. It's also a great way to see what's on the Zimbabwean side without crossing the border. The hardest part of the experience is getting in and out of the quilted flight suit that keeps you toasty whilst flying. Book in advance as flights are now only available first thing in the morning and late afternoon to avoid filling the air around Victoria Falls all day.

Victoria Falls is easily accessible from Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Namibia. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a few adventures at the end of a safari. Peaceful river lodges like Islands of Siankaba are a good alternative to a beach and often a lot easier to reach.

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