Warriors for a Week

Marie and Henry called us when they wanted to take their two young children on a family safari. It was a first safari for everyone, so we wanted to make sure it was memorable. We carefully selected two fantastic lodges in Kenya for the Varneys, as well as a beach lodge for a few days of rest and relaxation on the coast. Soon after their return we received a thoughtful card thanking us for their holiday.

Marie wrote: “Thank you so much for our wonderful holiday. I didn’t really know what to expect of a safari, but it’s fair to say it surpassed any ideas I had of what it would be like.”

“The highlights of our trip are probably too many to mention, but especially memorable was the horseback and camel riding, seeing a leopard and her cubs, the fabulous accommodation and food (I have never been so spoilt!).”

We know that if you’re travelling with young children the right accommodation is crucial. We chose two lodges where we knew there would be lots of animals to see, a wide range of engaging activities and staff who will help the children learn as well as enjoy themselves.

The Varneys began their safari at Lewa Wilderness Trails, a lodge comprising eight comfortable thatched cottages that sit at the base of the mighty Mount Kenya. Having spent two nights in the Garden Villa we flew them to Saruni Samburu, home of the Warrior for a Week programme. Families can spend up to a week with Samburu Warriors, learning bush survival tips, from animal behaviours to how to make a fire. It’s clear the guides and warriors made a big impression on the young Varneys.

“The other major highlight of the trip was seeing James and Grace’s developing relationship with the guides. Grace talks a lot about her friends in Kenya and wants to go back to visit them!”

After all the fun and excitement of a safari we arranged for the Varneys to spend a few nights at Kinondo Kwetu, a small, family-owned beach lodge. It’s a quiet and tranquil place, with its own private stretch of beach – a little piece of the Kenya coast, just for you. 

“One of the highlights of our trip was the wonderful pool at Kinondo Kwetu which was so fabulous that we could hardly get the children out of it!”

Give us a call now and we’ll arrange you the perfect safari adventure for your family. 


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