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You want to see the gorillas

An awe-inspiring experience.  Imagine standing on the edge of a clearing, feet away from a mighty silverback, as his females chew bamboo and gorilla kids scamper around you.  They live on forested volcanoes shared between Uganda and Rwanda.  We suggest you take the time to visit two gorilla families over two days and can discuss with you whether Rwanda or Uganda would be better for you.  We advise you in detail about fitness levels, special clothing and all the tiny details to ensure that you’re well prepared for your adventure.

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Silverback male2
A silverback gorilla
Gorillas spotted on Rwanda safari2
Mother and baby gorilla
sabyinyo gorilla safari4
Close up of a gorilla through the trees
Gorilla close up luxury safari
Close up of a gorilla in the wild
Baby gorilla luxury safari
A baby gorilla in the trees
Male gorilla luxury safari
A silverback male in the nest

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

You will be taken by an experienced guide gorilla tracking in Parc National des Volcans. Tracking the gorillas through the misty forests requires patience and stamina, sometimes walking for hours through the rainforest. Finally meeting them is an inspiring moment. Quietly chewing away at their vegetarian delicacies, they seem like a marooned human family. The tender grooming and firm disciplining of their offspring seems all too familiar. The family cast a wary glance at the sudden human intrusion into their private world but are comforted by the clucking made by the trackers. The huge silverback grunts, screeches, bares his fangs and beats his chest, before slithering off with attendant females, offspring and other mature males.  The babies can often be seen playing together, chasing each other through the forest.

You will have opportunities to enjoy other activities in the Parc National des Volcans. The rich rainforest has hundreds of species of birds, large troops of colobus monkeys and rare golden monkeys and other primates. We suggest that you head off with a guide in the search of the golden monkey, of which the only viable populations are thought to exist in this little corner of Rwanda. 


The chimp experience at Mahale

Tracking rare chimpanzees and being privileged to spend an hour with these incredible creatures is something many dream of. It isn’t just an experience; it’s an unforgettable memory that lasts long after you leave.

You head out in the morning and trek through the jungle with a guide, listening out for what could be the troop ahead at any point. The excitement soars as you suddenly see them, all around you. Accepted as a part of their group just for a short time gives you a chance to marvel at their antics.

Their behaviour is strikingly like our own as they interact with adults communicating through their behaviour and gestures. The young ones play with each other rolling around in the bush, while the adults keeping a keen eye on them.

Chimpanzees are mesmerising animals and to be able to spend time with, even for just an hour. Every moment is precious and will no doubt be treasured by those lucky enough to enjoy the experience.

If you would like to track Mahale’s amazing chimpanzees call us now and we’ll combine it with other African safari adventures.   

A Few of Our Favourites to See the Gorillas