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People often overlook Kenya as a luxury safari destination as it has been given the unfair reputation as a place for cheap package holidays and game parks filled with packed minibuses.  Like any country in the world that has a tourist market, there are places that cater for mass tourism and places that are off the beaten track where you will rarely come across another group of people during your entire stay.   Kenya is actually a premier game destination with some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa.  There are exclusive private reserves that have been untouched by man and time – remote and unspoilt, with vast open spaces and hundreds of animal and bird species roaming the acacia dotted landscape.  The camps is Kenya often feature as winners in the annual Best safari Guide Awards.  The standard of accommodation and cuisine is excellent and the guiding is superb.

One of the most spectacular wildlife events in the world takes place in the Masaai Mara.  Over 1.5 million wildebeest and 300,000 zebra migrate in a clockwise fashion on a 1,800 mile journey through the Mara and Serengeti in search of ripened grass.  Many of these wildebeest fall prey to the large numbers of predators that follow their trail.  Some of the most spectacular sightings take place during the months of July to September when the herds cross the Grumeti and Mara Rivers.  Hungry crocodiles seek out the weak which include older wildebeest and calves who get separated from their mothers while crossing.

Our favourite choice of migration camps includes Elephant and Pepper, Cottars 1920’s Camp and Kirurumu Serengeti Camp.  Take a step back in time to an age of romance and adventure.  Here you will experience all the wonders of the Mara and Serengeti as the first explorers did.  You will have an unrivalled view of the migration from your classically furnished safari tent.  Watch these magnificent beasts grazing on the plains while you relax in comfort with an iced drink in hand.  At Kirurumu Serengeti you can float above the migration in a hot air balloon or if you prefer having your feet firmly on the ground, an expertly guided safari walk may be more to your taste.  Whatever your preferences, these camps will do their utmost to cater to your unique requirements and will tailor make the activities to include your specific interests.

There is no better way to end your dream safari adventure than lazing on a deserted white sandy beach.  The Kenya Coast is the perfect choice and has some great little hideaways where you can relax and soak up the sun.  You can hire an exclusive villa with your very own chef and butler who will attentively attend to your every need, allowing you to spend your days taking in the smells and sounds of the ocean.

Lamu Island is one of our top recommendations.  The island is an old Arab trading port that was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2001.  The town is a fascinating place filled with beautiful buildings and colourful markets.  Due to its trading history the town has an eclectic fusion of cultures that have blended together seamlessly over thousands of years.  The only means of transport to the island is on a dhow boat and once you are there, on a donkey or on foot.

Other must see reserves in Kenya include:

•             Samburu National Reserve

•             Aberdare National Park

•             Shaba National Reserve

•             Tsavo National Park

•             Amboseli National Park

•             Laikipia

•             Lake Nakuru National Park

•             Meru National Park

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