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Mombo Camp

Exclusive, authentic and private. Mombo Camp is a luxurious sanctuary amidst the wildlife of the Okavango Delta.

Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp is, quite simply, one of Africa’s most exclusive camps, set on a private reserve in one of the world’s richest wildlife areas.  Nine expansive suites are raised on decking two metres above the tip of  Chief’s Island, a finger of fertile plains and woodland pointing to the heart of the Okavango Delta.  Each suite has views across the floodplains where antelope, giraffe and elephant roam.  Watch them from your bed, your bath, your private sala or the rambling verandah that runs the width of the suite.  Enjoy thrilling game drives in the “predator capital of Africa” and return to relax in this oasis of excellence.  

Africa Exclusive has 25 years’ experience arranging the finest tailormade safaris.  Call us to discuss how we can create your ideal safari including the superb Mombo Camp.

Little Mombo

For a family or small group of friends we can arrange exclusive use of Little Mombo.  The lodge is set in a private location with three magnificent raised suites and its own dining room, plunge pool, lounge and safari guides.  Little Mombo rests under the shade of ancient trees overlooking a floodplain where animals wander and graze throughout the day.  Each vast suite is set on a raised polished timber deck under swathes of cool canvas beneath a thatched roof.  The living area has a comfortable armchairs and sofa and the bedroom a king size bed with crisp cotton sheets.  The bathroom has a shower, bathtub and an outdoor shower.  Wherever you are you can watch the animals on the floodplain, and each part of your suite leads to a wide private verandah and private sala.

With exclusive use of Little Mombo, the safari guides, the menu and the entire operation of the lodge can be geared to your family or groups interests and convenience.  This becomes your own private ultimate safari experience in one of the richest game viewing areas of Africa!  Call us now to plan your stay at Little Mombo as part of a holiday of a lifetime.

The Suites

Mombo and Little Mombo have been designed to provide a handful of guests with the ultimate authentic safari experience.  Your suite is constructed of thatch, local timbers and canvas, yet it has every comfort.  Because your suite is suspended above the ground you feel safe yet absolutely an intimate part of your wild and beautiful surroundings.  Your suite is wide, with the spacious living room, the bedroom and bathroom built side by side so you can look out onto the floodplain from every room.  Across the entire width of your suite is a wooden verandah with comfortable chairs and jutting out like a little outpost is your shady sala with daybeds.

The standard of service is superb and discreet to ensure your enjoyment of this unique place.  One afternoon you may choose to forgo the safari drive and instead watch the animals from your verandah with a good book, a pair of binoculars and a glass of chilled fine wine.  You may while away an hour in a bubble bath before enjoying a superb dinner around the open air “boma”.  Then snuggle into crisp Egyptian cotton sheets and drift to sleep to the distant call of the wilds.

The Lodge

The public areas of the lodge follow the design and ambiance of your suite.  The vast open fronted lounge is set on an ocean of polished timber under a vaulted thatch roof offering magnificent views of the wildlife on the floodplain.  Between safaris relax on a capacious sofa with a coffee, browse through the library, take a dip in the plunge pool and enjoy an indulgent massage or a gentle workout in the gym.  All these locations are accessed by the raised wooden walkways and wherever you are in Mombo you can always look up to see those glorious plains and the unending coming and going of the animals.  At Mombo you live for a few days suspended in luxury two metres above one of Africa’s richest and most beautiful wildlife areas.  Call Africa Exclusive now and we’ll arrange your stay at Mombo as part of a superb tailormade safari.

The Wildlife

For the 25 years that Africa Exclusive has been arranging safaris, Mombo has consistently been among the most exciting and richest wildlife areas.  This is due in part to the year round proximity of water from the Okavango Delta and the abundance of grazing and browsing feed for the animals.  The lodge has been there so long that it has become a part of Chief’s Island and the handful of privileged people who visit each year as guests do not disturb the rhythm of the animals and birds cycle of life.  There is a near perfect balance of species including healthy and stable numbers of lion, leopard and cheetah for which Mombo is most famous.  Due to the numbers of cats, walking safaris are not permitted so all safaris are conducted in open four wheel drive vehicles led by some of Botswana’s finest guides.

Africa Exclusive recommends a three night stay at Mombo during which time you can expect to see an immense variety of animals including many types of antelope, elephant families, giraffe, buffalo and hippopotamus to name a few.  The birds are a continual source of joy and interest, while after a relaxing sundowner the spotlight will reveal the nocturnal secrets of the bush as you make your way back to the lodge for a memorable dinner.

How to Book Mombo

Africa Exclusive has been booking our clients into Mombo Camp for 25 years!  We specialise in creating unique safaris individually tailored to the interests and convenience of each client.  You may wish to spend a few days at Mombo as part of a safari encompassing several contrasting regions of Botswana where deserts, deltas and savannahs are home to thousands of animals.  Alternatively, you may decide that three or four days at Mombo should be followed by a visit to Cape Town, a remote Indian Ocean island or another part of Africa such as the Serengeti or the rainforests of the mountain gorillas.  Our service is outstanding and we know these areas intimately.  Contact us now by telephone or email and we will create a superb holiday perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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