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Mozambique – the perfect beach hideaway

elephant_-_paul_kerri_bb614Mozambique lies to the south east of Africa bordering the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Mozambique to the north west, Zimbabwe to the west and South Africa and Swaziland to the south west. It was colonised by the Portuguese in 1505 and became independent in 1975.


Mozambique measures 309 000m² and is comparable in size to Turkey. The climate is tropical with two distinct seasons. A dry season from April to September and a wet season, during which cyclones are common, between the months of October to March.

The coastline measures 1550 miles of warm Robinson Crusoe style Indian Ocean waters and is an ideal tropical island holiday destination for honeymooners and families. Exclusive and private luxury lodges sit right on the beach and there is plenty to do besides relaxing on the white sandy beaches. Deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling amongst the exotic coral reefs, fly fishing, sunset cruises, sailing and island trips are some of the popular activities.

To the north of Mozambique at the southern most tip of the Great Rift Valley lies the Gorongosa Park – a distinct ecosystem of grasslands dotted with acacia trees, savannah, dry forest, montane and miombo forests and at the base of some limestone gorges lies a rain forest.

The park has a growing list of species and is home to good populations of waterbuck, oribi, reedbuck, sable, warthog, growing numbers of predators such as lion and elephants herds. Birdlife is prolific with 500 recorded species. It is not uncommon for bird watchers to spot 130 species in one sitting.

The Gorongosa Park once boasted more wildlife than the Serengeti and it is hoped that with concerted conservation efforts it will be restored to its former wildlife glory.

Mozambique combines well with an East Africa or South Africa safari.

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