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Back 26 / 04 / 2010

Namibia – land of contrasts

Namibia is a southern African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It shares borders with South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.
Since early times the land was inhabited by Bushmen, Namaqua and Damara and in later years migrating Bantu. In 1884 it became a German protectorate and in 1920 was mandated to South Africaview. It 1990 it obtained full independence.

Namibia is known for its contrasting landscapes. The western coastline is a lonely and desolate place with shifting sand dunes stretching to the vast interior of the Kalahari. Further inland lies the Etosha National Park and Game Reserve. The reserve is home to 114 species of mammal, 110 reptile species, and 340 species of bird, 16 amphibians and one species of fish.

To the far north, bordering Angola lies the Caprivi Strip – Namibia’s wettest area. The abundance of water is the life blood of a diversity of animal and birdlife.

To the south of the country lies the Fish River Canyon – Namibia’s longest river. It measures 403 miles and is an impressive sight which was formed about 500 million years ago. After the summer rains the river becomes a raging torrent. It is a popular hiking during the cool winter months from May to September.

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