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A Scenic Adventure in Namibia

Namibia has the world’s most spectacular and varied desert landscapes.  Nowhere else do you see families of desert elephant moving silently through desolately beautiful valleys in search of life giving oases.  No other desert has a Skeleton Coast where great Atlantic waves pound a burning shore littered with shipwrecks, often shrouded in fog where only giant seal colonies and hungry jackals live.  These deserts have the world’s highest dunescapes, great “galleries” of Bushmen rock art, remote communities of Himba tribes people, the world’s second deepest canyon and the vast Etosha Saltpan where thousands of animals roam free.

Namibian Desert Adventure

Giraffe sceneryNamibia is unlike any other African country – unlike any country on the planet.  Let Africa Exclusive take you there on a desert adventure of a lifetime.  There are two ways to enjoy a Namibia safari either at ground level in a fully equipped four wheel drive vehicle with your own expert guide, or by hopping in to a series of desert camps and lodges by light aircraft.  Either way you are assured a safari holiday unlike any other.

Travelling by vehicle the changing scenery slowly unfolds as orange dunescapes are followed by great gravel plains and dramatic gorges, all explained and interpreted by your guide.  He will take you on safari in Etosha, dolphin watching in Walvis Bay, walking along desert trails in Damaraland and sand boarding along the Skeleton Coast.  To do this you need to devote around two weeks to explore the country at a sensible pace allowing a highly experienced Namibian guide to introduce you to the wonders of his country.

On a Namibian fly in safari a small plane will take you from one desert scenic wonder to another, to luxury safari lodges like Kulala Desert lodge near Sossussvlei to Doro Nawas in the remote mountains of Damaraland and Serra Cafema which sits in a little oasis beside the Kunene River.  The ultimate fly in safari is to the Skeleton Coast National Park where you spend four days in one of the remotest places on the planet.  This is a land of multicoloured wind sculpted dunes, of desert adapted wildlife, giant clay castles and hundreds of miles of hauntingly desolate shoreline where shipwrecked mariners knew they had no hope of survival.

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Elephant close upNamibia is a vast desert land so the climate is predominantly dry.  Some areas such as the Skeleton Coast have tiny amounts of rainfall.  Most other areas including Etosha and Damaraland have occasional thundershowers between December and March and dry weather at all other times.  In common with other desert lands, there can be a big variation in temperature through the day, especially in the dry season.  Temperatures can drop to near freezing at night quickly rising to the 30s when the sun has risen.  So you will need warm clothing for early morning excursions.  During the hottest part of the day, after lunch, you will enjoy a siesta before setting out on another fascinating desert adventure around 3.30pm.

Namibia is a vast land with big variations in scenery – from the remote Skeleton Coast to the awesomely deep Fish River Canyon, from the great expanses of the salt encrusted Etosha National Park to the fertile Caprivi Strip.  Each of these regions has its own particular weather, vegetation and wildlife movements so be sure to call us at an early stage to plan your perfect safari to Namibia for the time of year you have in mind.

Useful Information

Chameleon runningThere are no direct flights from London to Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, so you would fly overnight to Johannesburg connecting with a two hour flight to Windhoek or go from London via Frankfurt which has a daily overnight flight to Windhoek.  Most European and North American citizens do not require a visa.

Africa Exclusive will arrange your travel within Namibia either by light aircraft, or with your own private guide and fully equipped private safari vehicle (or a combination of the two).  Flying has the obvious advantage of speed and occasional spectacular aerial views of the scenery.  Travelling by private vehicle takes longer and enables you to appreciate the unfolding scenic changes and to enjoy fascinating side trips en route, all in the company of an expert guide.  Call us to discuss which way of travelling would be best for you.  It is also possible to explore the country by hire car which is cheaper and perhaps adventurous, but you miss a lot by not having a guide with you and a two wheel drive vehicle cannot go off road/track.

The desert conditions require a good hat sunglasses and sunscreen and between April and September you will also need warm clothing for early morning and late afternoon activities as the temperature drops rapidly as the sun sets.  Our general advice would be to devote at least a week to Namibia – you can easily spend over two weeks if you are interested in desert wildlife and scenery.  It combines easily with Cape Town and with Victoria Falls and Botswana.

Please consult your medical doctor for information about vaccinations and protection from malaria.

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Like visiting Venus

As you fly over Namibia the incredibly coloured rock strata, endless dunes, towering mountains, deep gorges, aridity and the apparent absence of life makes it seem like visiting a strange deserted planet. Namibia is one of the world’s most spectacular and fascinating deserts. We’ll arrange for you to explore it at ground level with an expert private guide or on a fly-in safari.

Skeleton Coast

Huge Atlantic breakers crash against a “burning shore” littered with whale carcasses and ship planking and the occasional giant seal colony attended by scavenging jackals. Inland, desert elephant wander between oases as miles of multi-coloured dunes creep eastwards with infinite slowness, blown and sculpted by the persistent breeze. 

Etosha Saltpan

The savannah plains surrounding Etosha’s shimmering white saltflats are home to thousands of elephant, giraffe, plains game and big cats.  It’s also one of the best places in Africa for spotting rhinoceros.

Amazing Damaraland

In the heart of Namibia you’ll find galleries of ancient Bushman rock engravings, desert rhinoceros, magnificent walking trails, petrified forests and unique desert scenery. Nearby the flat topped mountains of Etendeka are a haven for desert adapted wildlife.


Life in Abundance

At ground level you quickly discover a wealth of desert adapted flora and fauna. Desert elephants and rhinoceros use their age old instincts to locate precious oases and food. Thousand year old welwitschia mirabilis plants, lichen fields, other exotic vegetation and small creatures adapt to life in a land where fog dew may be the only moisture. On a Namibia safari your guide will introduce you to the fascinating world of survival in these harsh environments.

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Highlights of Namibia

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