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Back 24 / 06 / 2011

News from Duma Tau

The dry season is on the way at Duma Tau camp and the annual inundation is peaking – drawing large concentrations of wildlife to the rising water levels.  The temperatures are beginning to drop but the average temperatures during the day are still quite comfortable.  On some days guests are using blankets and hot water bottles on game drives and on other days they are taking a dip in the swimming pool. 

The herbivores are enjoying a good supply of vegetation thanks to the annual inundation.  The game viewing has been exceptional of late with great numbers of zebra, giraffe and buffalo having been spotted along the Savute Channel and the Duma Tau floodplains.  Large numbers of elephant have continued to make their way to the Linyanti River to settle in for the winter months.  It has become quite common to see huge herds of elephants crossing the swamps, rivers and channels in search of greener pastures. 

An old leopard known as the Duma Tau male who has been seen in the area for years is mating with a number of females as he makes his way across the water.  Although he is getting old, he is still in very good condition and maintains his territory very well.  One of the game viewing highlights recently was when this male leopard chased a pack of hyena off a warthog kill.  He then dragged the kill up a tree and as he was feeding on it the hyenas were desperately trying to get the carcass back by trying to climb the tree. 

Lion sightings have also been very good of late.  Two males have been seen mating with the females of the Linyanti and Savute prides.  One of the young males from the Savute pride has returned after a long absence and has been seen snatching carcasses from leopards. 

Wild dogs have also made the presence known – the highlight being the observation of the Zib pack.  The alpha female is heavily pregnant so they should start denning shortly.  The pack were spotted chasing a poor impala who, whilst running for safety, landing itself straight in the jaws of a crocodile. 

The migrant birds have all left for warmer climates and have been replaced by a flood of water birds.

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