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Back 30 / 04 / 2010

News from Ongava Lodge – Namibia

ongava-homestead-waterholeOngava Lodge is built on a small hill in the Ongava Game Reserve on the southern boundary of the Etosha National Park. The lodge has 13 tastefully decorated chalet rooms and family room built from brick, rock and thatch to blend in with the environment. The chalets are air conditioned and fitted with ceiling fans to keep guests cool in the Namibian heat. The Etosha National park is one of Africa’s largest game reserves and home to a large diversity of wildlife including 114 mammals, 110 reptiles, 340 species of birds and 16 amphibian species.

The rainy season is over at Ongava Lodge with no rain haven fallen through all of March/April. The weather is nice and hot and guests are enjoying the afternoons cooling off at the pool before venturing out on their evening game drives. Dinners are enjoyed in the cool evenings on the camps decked dining area – which overlooks a waterhole where the black rhinos drink.

White rhinos have been spotted very often on game drives in the Ongava Reserve. Lions have been spotted on game drives, though less at the camps waterhole. The most seen pride is the Stompie Pride. Visitors have observed the elderly lioness teaching the younger males how to hunt. Stompie is displaying much patience as the inexperienced lions charge the antelope at too great a distance, causing them to run away.

Leopards have also been spotted on many occasions over the last month. These usually shy animals seem very relaxed. Other regular sightings include antelope, lion and cheetah. Puffadders have been seen in the evenings and the camp guides have managed to safely catch them so they can educate guests about these reptiles.

Bid watching has also been good and a male Masked Weaver was seen building a nest in front of the camps laundry. Once completed the female came to inspect it but never returned. The nest obviously did not match up to her high standards!

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