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Back 28 / 06 / 2010

News from Xigera Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

xigera166_1600x1200The water levels are much higher at the moment and the channels are filling up with water – a great time to appreciate the beautiful landscape from a mokoro or boat, with a highly experienced and knowledgeable guide to point out the fascinating wildlife and birdlife that inhabit the floodplains.

Winter is on its way – the night temperatures are starting to drop and the sun is more subdued, allowing the opportunity for guests to spend the whole day out of camp on game viewing activities. The most popular activity at the moment is the fore mentioned mokoro or boat trips where guests have been spending their days exploring the small islands and discovering all the delights of the Okavango Delta.

There have also been some good sightings on land including two leopards which have been spotted on a nightly basis in the camp. This adult female and a sub adult seem to have made the Xigera Island their home. They have often been seen cuddled together, sleeping not too far from the kitchen. The camp staff have had to become extra vigilant when locking up at night to prevent this mischievous pair from creating havoc (they had previously chewed up one of the camps sofa’s!)

Other visitors to the camp include baboons and vervet monkeys. There has been a lot of social turmoil amongst the monkey troop lately with two of the males trying to assert their dominance. The fights have been frequent and violent. They both have wounds – one has a badly injured leg. A male leopard was seen walking through the camp one night and his rasping calls woke most people up.

Some unusual mammal sightings include a sitatunga and honey badger sighting. The bird watching has been as good as ever and the enthusiasm of the guides is infectious. Guests who have never paid much attention to birdlife have suddenly found a new interest in the huge diversity of birdlife.

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