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Nowhere in the Indian Ocean is the sand as powder white as here and nowhere has such a wide array of beautiful tiny islands, strung out across hundreds of miles of deep blue ocean. The two main islands of Mahe and Praslin have dozens of secluded beaches, so just hire a car and in ten minutes you can be sitting all alone on the pristine sand of a little cove, palm trees behind you, inviting waters a dozen shades of blue before you. Jump on a ferry and half an hour later you are on La Digue with its world famous boulder strewn beach, a few lazy little hotels and no vehicles other than ox carts.

Bird Island in the Seychelles2The islands are slightly awkward to reach and as there are so many lovely islands to explore you should try and stay for at least a week or even two if you want to take in three islands. They come in all shapes, from the conically volcanic Silhouette, to Bird Island, a breeding ground for millions of sooty terns. The atoll Alphonse has superb wall diving and shallow lagoons which draw saltwater fly fishermen from around the world. North Island and Fregate are two of the most exclusive luxurious island hideaways on the planet, while on Desroches your villa comes with a couple of bicycles so you can cycle through the coconut plantations to Madame Zabra’s beach which you will probably have to yourselves.

The Seychellois are delightfully friendly though service isn’t as sparklingly efficient as in Mauritius and the most hotels and charming little Creole guesthouses don’t try to compete with the excellent facilities of their southerly neighbour.    

This is a place that casts a spell of romance and relaxation, where 24 hour news quickly becomes irrelevant in the face of more important matters such as which cocktail shall I try before dinner tonight, or can I be bothered to go snorkelling this afternoon or should I just lie on this cushion soft sand a little longer.

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Seychelles Seasons

Beach with coco de merThe weather here is a little complex, making the choice of hotel and beach lodge at particular times of year a matter requiring some care. The overall context is that these are tiny islands in a big ocean near the Equator so the weather is predominantly warm, though thundershowers can appear and just as quickly disappear at any time of year. There is not a large temperature range through the day and evenings are usually balmy.  The “flatter” atolls such as Desroches receive less rainfall than hilly volcanic islands such as Silhouette.

From May to October the southeast trade winds dominate. The weather is mainly dry, though on southeast facing beaches the seas are less likely to be calm and seaweed can accumulate. From December to March the winds switch around to the northwest. This is the summer season and temperatures are usually rather higher – often in the low 30s and there is a greater chance of thundershowers and longer periods of rain. At this time of year the beaches facing northwest are more prone to waves and seaweed.

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Seychelles - Useful Information

Turtle in the SeychellesThere are no direct flights between London and the Seychelles and many travellers fly from London via Dubai or Doha making the journey 12 to 14 hours in total. Visitors do not require a visa. There are flights twice a week between Johannesburg and Mahe and three times a week between Nairobi and Mahe, making it relatively easy to combine a safari with a beach holiday here.

It is perfect if you’re seeking a small, possibly family run hotel on an idyllic little beach and perhaps if you fancy the idea of island hopping, exploring by hire car, or riding a bicycle through coconut plantations or between the numerous secluded beaches which fringe the main islands of Mahe and Praslin. Many beaches are of brilliant white powder sand and the vegetation is luxuriantly green. The laid back style of living, the beauty and balmy evening temperatures make these an ideal place for romance.

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Island Hopping

Island hopping is the perfect way to discover the idyllic Seychelles Islands. There are 115 islands, all of which are slightly different. Some, such as North Island, are luxurious and private, perfect for relaxing, whilst others, like Desroches, are great for cycling and exploring. Begin on the main island of Mahe and then pick and choose your next stops! 

Deserted Coves

Whilst many "barefoot luxury" destinations boast long stretches of coastline, on the Seychelles Islands you will find the very softest white sands in deserted beach coves. You’ll be surrounded by lush green palm trees and rocky walls with the glimmering blue seas rolling calmly in front of you, the whole cove entirely to yourself. You can explore the beaches of Praslin and Mahe by hire vehicle or bicycle. 

Owner Run Smaller Hotels

On the larger islands of Mahe and Praslin you can stay in charming small hotels, most with seven to 10 rooms, often personally run by the owner. Many of these are beautifully located and are great value for money. 

Private Islands

On a private island you can enjoy the beauty of the Seychelles in the lap of luxury. These islands are the most exclusive way to visit and guarantee a spectacular island getaway. On Fregate Island you’ll have the choice of seven beaches, each with its own personality and quirks, but all equally as beautiful. Elsewhere on North Island you’ll find unashamed indulgence on a wild castaway island. Relax in your private villa, on the ribbons of smooth sands or dive into the Indian Ocean to meet the aquatic residents of the Seychelles. 

Giant Tortoise

On the Seychelles’ third largest island you’ll find a community of fascinating giant tortoise. These huge creatures can grow up to 4 foot long and weigh over 600lbs! They’re not only large in size but in years too, many of the tortoise you’ll see will be over a hundred years old! These massive creatures don’t live in many other countries, so meeting them here is a real treat! 

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Seychelles Highlights

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