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Tanzania Safari Holidays

Tanzania has the greatest variety of scenery and wildlife of any country in Africa. Along the Northern border with Kenya runs a series of scenic wonders – Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Rift Valley with its shimmering lakes, the 8,000 foot high Ngorongoro Crater, and continuing westwards the “endless plains” of the Serengeti.  All can be enjoyed on a Tanzania Safari. Further south there are the vast hardly touched reserves of the Selous, Ruaha and Katavi and westwards the Mahale Mountains where a thousand chimpanzees live in the tropical mountains beside Lake Tanganyika.



Choosing a luxury safari to Tanzania

Lion and Cub yawning

You can enjoy a wilderness adventure to Northern Tanzania in your own private vehicle with your own guide travelling at the pace you wish, lingering over some beautiful scene, having your guide’s undivided attention before returning to your luxury camp. The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the world’s natural wonders, once a volcano higher even than Kilimanjaro, the centre was cataclysmically blown out leaving a crater 10 miles wide and 1,500 feet deep where you can now see twenty thousand animals. East of Ngorongoro is the rift valley and Lake Manyara, while to the western base begin the vast Serengeti plains where two million wildebeest and zebra make their annual migration in continual search of fresh grassland. The Serengeti is enormous and complex and includes the forested western corridor where you find the huge Grumeti crocodiles. Our Tanzania Safaris enable you to stay in a luxury mobile camp which shadows the migration.

If you like a challenge and have a good respiratory system let us lead you on an ascent of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. Africa Exclusive will take you on one of the less well known, scenic routes taking maybe a week over the ascent – just you and a dozen porters who carry your tents, tables, water, safety equipment and wholesome food including a couple of dozen eggs which they are proud to never break.

Our safaris to Southern Tanzania are usually arranged as fly in safaris, linking vast partially explored reserves. Ruaha, a place of wild mountains, plains and rivers sits astride East and Central Africa and has over 80 species of mammal and exceptional birdlife. You really have a sense that you are pioneering here, guaranteed to see no other travellers. The wildlife is also not used to seeing people so your guide’s skills are tested as he seeks out the elusive leopard, shy antelope and great buffalo herds. In the Selous, you can ride boats and canoe on the Great Rufiji and can fly camp in a remote part of the reserve, while between June and October immense herds of plains game gather in increasing numbers in the Katavi wetlands.

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Tanzania Seasons

Giraffe group2You can take a safari to see Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and other delights of Northern Tanzania at any time of year. There is a likelihood of rain in April and May but this seldom interrupts the experience and it is a good time to see the wildebeest migration as it moves towards Grumeti. Exciting seasonal animal movements take place as the year progresses so call us to discuss the ideal time to take your dream holiday.   

In the more remote southern and western reserves the April and May rains have rather more impact, so we advise against travelling to Selous at that time.  Selous, Katavi and Ruaha are also quite hot in the first three months of the year, though of course you’re out in the cooler parts of the day.   Also a week or two of hot sunny weather may be just what you need from the depths of a northern hemisphere winter! And December to March are perfect months for beach and watersports on Zanzibar and the entire east African coastline. Call us to talk about the ideal combination of safari and coastal options to suit you for your timescale.

Tanzania - Useful Information

Elephant herd3For a trip in Southern Tanzania you would fly to Dar es Salaam; 9 hours flying time from London. For Northern Tanzania you can fly via Nairobi with a one hour connection to Kilimanjaro or via Schiphol straight into Kilimanjaro. Your Tanzanian visa (US$50 depending on your nationality) can be obtained at the airport on arrival. We arrange for you to travel between the wildlife reserves in the northern region either by road in a private vehicle with your own guide, or by air. In the southern region it’s easiest to do all your travelling by air as the distances are great. If you’re going to the Mahale Mountains to see the chimps the last part of your journey along Lake Tanganyika is by motorised dhow – a delightful way to arrive at one of the most remote, beautiful locations in East Africa.  

The food at all camps and lodges used by Africa Exclusive is excellent and hygienically prepared and bottled water is available. Please consult your medical doctor for information about vaccination and protection from malaria.

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Mahale, Katavi and Selous

We’ll fly you into these remote Southern reserves for an adventure of a lifetime. Track chimpanzees in the rain forests of Mahale. Watch enthralled in remoter Katavi as herds of a thousand buffalo compete with antelope and zebra at scarce watering places watched by menacing lion prides. Follow in the footsteps of Frederick Courtney Selous along the Great Rufiji River as you explore the immense Selous Game Reserve.


Relax after your Tanzania safari on exotic Zanzibar – pure beaches, wafting breezes, ancient culture and exciting watersports. Keen divers will prefer Mafia for its world class reefs. We know dozens of delightful coastal hideaways and larger resorts on balmy Indian Ocean islands.

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Ngorongoro Crater

A vast volcanic crater 10 miles wide and more than a thousand feet deep. One of the world’s natural wonders. 20,000 animals including rhinoceros, lion and elephant roam the crater floor. We’ll arrange for you to stay right on the rim with fabulous views from the five star Ngorongoro Crater lodge.

Great Migration

It’s the most colossal wildlife show on this beautiful planet of ours. Two million zebra, wildebeest and gazelle on an epic journey across the Serengeti plains. We track the progress of the migration as it moves. You may find them calving in their thousands on the short grass southern plains. Or running the gauntlet of crocodile infested rivers. Or moving south past the remote Gol mountains. Wherever the migration is, we will arrange for you to shadow the great herds in a semi-mobile luxury camp with an expert private guide.   

Private Safaris

To explore Serengeti, Ngorongoro and other Northern Tanzania reserves we arrange your own private guide and fully equipped private vehicle so you can focus on what interests you the most at the right pace. This works well for a family safari as well as for one or two couples travelling together. Our guides are among the very best – with huge knowledge and friendly personalities

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Tanzania Highlights

These are just a few experiences you can enjoy on your Tanzania safari. Contact us now to plan your perfect experience.


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