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Where to Stay in Mozambique

You can expect to hear lots more about Mozambique in the near future. As one of Africa’s fastest growing countries, it’s undergoing rapid change at the moment. But did you know it’s also a superb destination for a safari holiday? Below we’ve listed just a few of our favourite places to stay in this fantastically beautiful country.


Vamizi Island is one of a string of picturesque island scatters in the shimmering Indian Ocean, just a few miles away from the mainland’s coast. With no less than six beautiful beaches, this is the perfect place to relax. It’s also superb for snorkelling, diving and fishing. There’s an outstanding reefscape lying beneath the waters which is a joy to explore. You’ll be able to spot the remarkable sea life too, from whales, dolphins and turtles to corals and clams and everything in between. Accommodation here is in the form of luxurious beach houses, each with its own stretch of beach. When you’re not relaxing on the sandy shores you can try your hand at whale watching, kayaking, mountain biking, birding, take dhow cruises and dine on the very freshest seafood in between.

Kubatana Camp

Kubutana Camp will open its doors on the first of July this year and is the only camp in the Gorongosa National Park, known as the place ‘where Noah left his ark.’ Gorongosa, which was ‘the place to be’ for a safari back in the 1960s and 70s, is a real hidden jewel, full of fantastic wildlife. You could be one of the very first to experience a safari here again. The park’s most famous residents are its majestic prides of lion and splashing herds of elephant, but there’s also baboon, hyena, antelope, wild dog, zebra, hippo, warthog and lots of other smaller mammals and birds. You’ll explore this wild land by vehicle, on foot and by boat, meeting the ecologists, scientists and researchers behind the restoration of this superb park.

White Pearl Resorts

White Pearl sits on Mozambique’s south eastern coastline in Ponta Mamoli, a simply stunning location with pristine shoes and turquoise, calm waters. It’s the only property in the area and is tucked into a cool, sheltered bay meaning you’ll have superb views in a magnificent location as well a good degree of privacy. White Pearl is a real ‘barefoot luxury’ property with 22 luxurious pool suites, each chic, elegant and spacious. Relax on the sands, cocktail in hand, and book yourself into the spa for soothing massages and treatments. When you want to be a little more active, you can head to the ocean to dive, snorkel, fish, kayak and even swim with dolphins!

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