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Back 23 / 06 / 2010

Wildlife shenanigans at Duma Tau Camp, Linyanti Concession, Botswana

wild-dogs-at-duma-tauA group at Duma Tau were busy watching a herd of young male elephants bathing in the Savute Channel when they spotted some fresh wild dog tracks. Curiosity got the better of them they decided to pursue them as they headed east towards the Damu Tau floodplain. They found the dogs just before sunset. The pack had been chasing a panic stricken kudu in the water. The group also spotted some of the dogs pursuing some red lechwe – although they soon gave up and joined the rest of the pack who were watching the kudus every move.

One of the seemingly impatient dogs decided to force the kudu’s next move by joining it in the water. The kudu responded by jumping even deeper into the water. The dog decided to head back to dry land – a wise move, as two crocodiles measuring up to 3 metres in length suddenly moved in too attack the kudu. One of the crocodiles lunged at the kudu but missed sending it right into the jaws of the salivating dogs who were quick to give chase. The confused antelope headed back to the water – a fatal error. The crocodile grabbed the kudu with its massive jaws, pulling it down into the water. The wild dogs retreated, defeated this time by the razor sharp reflexes of the waters predators.

Duma Tau Camp

Duma Tau Camp is situated in the Linyanti Private Wildlife Reserve which borders the Chobe National Park in northern Botswana. It is built next to one of the lagoons of the Linyanti Swamp system – close to the source of the Savute Channel.

The camp which is shaded by a grove of mangosteen trees is raised off the ground and overlooks a large lagoon which attracts large numbers of wildlife. The thatched tents are spacious and comfortable with en-suite facilities. The camp also has a dining room, pub, lounge and swimming pool.


The highlight of a stay at Duma Tau is the amazing game viewing opportunities. The area has a huge diversity of wildlife include huge herds of elephant, wildebeest, impala, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, red lechwe, baboon, vervet monkey, lion, cheetah, wild dog and hyena. Game drives and walking safaris along the Linyanti River and Savute Channel are the primary activities. The camp also has many hides from where animals and birds can be viewed and photographed.

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