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If you love the thought of a slow immensely fascinating three hour bush walk with a world class guide, dream of paddling a two man canoe down the Zambezi as elephants cavort at the water’s edge and kingfishers dive, or crave the excitement of watching a gorgeous leopard move with graceful power through the savannah, you’ll certainly enjoy a Zambia safari experience.

A Zambia safari is for people who like their safaris a little more active and adventurous and because the best camps have been set up by enterprising guides, the accommodation, while certainly comfortable, is at heart a “bush camp” each with its own personality.

The Zambezi is one of the world’s great rivers, up to half a mile wide. Its faster flowing near Victoria Falls, slower and filled with wildlife 500 miles east by the Lower Zambezi National Park. From June to November the Lower Zambezi teems with wildlife. The highlight of a Zambia safari in the Lower Zambezi has to be the unforgettable sight of elephants emerging from the bush at the end of a long day to drink, splash themselves down, play and relax on the river. You could sit in a boat with a cool drink and watch them forever.

Further east the South Luangwa in the southern end of the Rift Valley, has some of the best walking country criss-crossed by wildlife, paths, cool streams and a scattering of lagoons, you see huge herds of buffalo, giraffe, antelope, big cats and more elephant.

West of Lusaka, the Busanga Plains are exceptionally beautiful, flat grassy plains with islands of trees and of course no Zambia safari would be complete without seeing Victoria Falls – a mile width of cascading water forcing a spray cloud hundreds of feet into the air.

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