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Zanzibar is the ultimate Indian Ocean beach getaway and the perfect place to relax after a dusty Kenya or Tanzania safari.  It is a semi autonomous part of Tanzania and comprises of the Zanzibar

Archipelago, 50 kilometres off the coast of East Africa.  The largest islands are called Pemba and Unguja.  It is referred to as the Spice Island of Africa and has a melting pot of cultural influences through its trading history – including Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, Dutch, Egyptian and British.

Stone Town is one of Zanzibar’s most fascinating places.  It was recently declared a UNSCO World Heritage Site and is an extraordinary place to explore with historic buildings decorated with intricately carved balconies and doors.  The best way to see the town is by meandering through the narrow, winding streets.  The market in Stone Town is a large and vibrant open air market, filled with colourful fabrics, spices, jewellery and artworks.  You should also visit the slave market.  You will explore the holding chambers and see how the salves were kept in small, dark dungeons before being sold to wealthy landowners and shipped abroad.

You will also have the opportunity to explore a spice farm where cinnamon, kukurma is grown.  The white sandy beaches are also a big attraction and there are plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, fishing, dhow boat trips, dolphin tours and just lazing on the beach with a cool drink in hand.

Pemba Island has some of the best diving experiences in East Africa. It is situated about 80 kilometres from Zanzibar and was known by Arab sailors as El Huthera which means green – referring to the lush green vegetation and forests that cover the island.  The beaches are glorious and empty and most of the smaller offshore islands are uninhabited.  Pemba is a great choice for those looking for a quiet retreat but it is not suited for travellers in search of exciting nightlife.

If you are busy planning your luxury Africa safari and would like to include Zanzibar on your itinerary, give us a call and we will help you to plan the holiday of your dreams.

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